• Azalea Festival Activities

    Azalea Festival Activities

    Here are some of the events LOL’ers may find interesting at the Azalea Festival: April 5: Azalea 5K/10K/Fun Walk, registration 7-7:30 a.m., event  8 a.m. *Registration handled through the Cape Fear Volunteer Center, not the North Carolina Azalea Festival office.* April 9: Queen’s Coronation, 3 p.m. Free admission to the Queen’s Coronation at the Wilmington […]

  • Spring Festivals

    Spring Festivals

    It’s been a long winter, and even with spring’s approach, the weather is still playing games with our daily schedules. But take heart. In a few short weeks, spring will come and with it, the urge to get out and about will start to stir. If you think you’ve seen everything the coast has to […]

  • Alcohol


    As April is National Alcohol Awareness month, it is a great time to focus on where you are in terms of this ancient and sometimes debilitating drink. It is ironic how something so socially acceptable can be so individually devastating. The commercialized representation shows people imbibing, laughing, having a good time. What it doesn’t show […]

  • Thoughts from a Female Alcoholic

    Thoughts from a Female Alcoholic

    “For the 27th Anniversary of Alcohol Awareness Month, the National Council on Alcoholism and Drug Dependence has chosen the theme “Help for Today, Hope for Tomorrow.”  It is that simple and it is that complicated. I have had many people say to me “If someone is drinking too much, why don’t they just stop?” The […]

  • Freaker USA: The company good will, creativity and grilled cheese built.

    Freaker USA: The company good will, creativity and grilled cheese built.

    You would remember if you saw Zach Crain on Shark Tank in October 2011, or recently on QVC. Maybe you’ve noticed these unique bottle covers at Edge of Urge in downtown Wilmington with fun names like French Dip with a bulldog or Sherlock Homie sporting a monocle or Puffy the sweet penguin. The colors and […]

Wearable Technology Already Becoming a Thing of the Past

Running has become my form of exercise lately. Just this week I read a story about veteran runner’s collapsing and dying, which is pretty scary because often I run alone. In looking around for ways to identify myself in case of an emergency, I found neat ID’s that can attach to your shoe that holds […]

Alternate Sources of Energy – They’re Coming…

Two weeks ago we discussed wireless electricity and how it’s the “wave” of the future. There are other “waves” of the future on renewable energy and how we’ll power our planet once all the fossil fuels run out (that is inevitable – we just aren’t quite sure when yet). The alternate sources of energy vary […]

Wireless Electricity is Closer Than We Think!

15 years ago (give or take) we had to plug practically everything in to power it. Now we have cordless phones and wireless microphones (that still use batteries). We then saw wireless routers that sent signals to other devices to produce internet connectivity. Now there’s the possibility of wireless electricity? You bet. Very similar to […]



City Stage, Level Five, 21 North Front Street April 17-20, May 2-4 Tickets: 910-264-2602 or www.citystagenc.com Coming to City Stage this month and carrying over into May is a musical so audacious, so disorienting and so challenging that you should see it just to be able to say you did. “Assassins is an anti-musical about […]

On Stage April 2014

April 3: An Evening w/ Umphrey’s McGee, 6 p.m., Greenfield Lake Amphitheater, 1941 Amphitheater Drive. Now in its 13th year, this Chicago-based band is a  master of the improvised, experimental rock jam. $25-$30. www.greenfieldlakeampitheater.com or 251-300-3150. April 3: Moscow Festival Ballet: Cinderella, 8 p.m., Kenan Auditorium, UNCW, 601 South College Road. Presented by Wilmington Concert […]

Mama’s Little Lesson in Finance

Mama’s Little Lesson in Finance

“Every young man should have a hobby. Learning how to handle money is the best one.“ -Jack Hurley  My mother was a wise woman. Educated as an elementary school teacher back when multiple classes were held in the same room, she understood how to implant a budding idea into a young person’s mind. This talent […]

In Praise of Braise

In Praise of Braise

It’s not quite time for the grill yet there is enough spring in the air to want an easy alternative to dragging out the crock pot. Braising meats is a simple method whether on top of the stove in a covered pan or in a low slow oven, and differs from stewing or poaching because […]

The 18th Annual Pleasure Island Chowder Cook Off

The 18th Annual Pleasure Island Chowder Cook Off

It’s that time of year again, to decide if the thick fragrant clam filled soup offered is spicy dark tomato red and lovingly called in a New York accent “Chowder”.  Or perhaps it is a pristine gray-white with lots of diced potatoes hailing by the more salt of the sea pronunciation “Chowdah”.  One sounds down […]

Who cut the cheese?

Who cut the cheese?

In our March issue we printed incorrect directions for the famous Freaker USA Grilled Cheese Sandwich. We humbly apologize to anyone who tried to make it. Here’s the real thing: The Freaker USA Grilled Cheese Sandwich Serves 1 or 2 Preparation time: 10 minutes Cooking time: 10 minutes Two slices whole-wheat bread 4 ounces sliced […]

April LOL Book Review

April LOL Book Review

April flowers, Passover and Easter . . . and the planning begins for the summer. I’m ready for it with a couple of great reads. First this month is a debut novel by Kelly Harms; and since it’s almost time to start cooking all of those wonderful vegetables from the garden — a cookbook. Don’t […]